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Why use FasTest's Connection Verification Technology?


  • Connection verification minimizes connection failure and maximizes fill throughput

  • LED lighting provides real time connection status

  • Easily integrated into automated or manual filling processes


For more information on FasTest's revolutionary SMART Technology please contact Matthew Nolting


FasTest’s GT580 SMART System provides instant visual confirmation that the connector has made a positive connection. Each connector uses an electrical output signal to relay connection status to a hub device that compiles the status of each individual connector. The hub analyzes each input and only allows the operator to begin the filling process once all connections have been properly made.

Fully Connected

Partially Connected

Fully Disconnected

Check out FasTest's complete G-Series family of connectors for compressed gas cylinder filling!

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  • Available with rigid or flexible bail handles, lever handles or sleeve actuation options!
  • CGA 346, 540, 580 and 590 connectors available for immediate purchase
  • Eliminate hand tightening and improve productivity
  • For medical or industrial oxygen and inert gases
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