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Literature and Product Instructions

Our resource area contains product literature as well as operating and maintenance instructions to ensure proper use and maximum service life of your FasTest products.

Compressed Gas
Fluid Power

Fluid Power

FasTest products are designed to meet the most frequent challenges.


TwistMate Threaded Connectors

October 2013 

FasTest’s complete product family of TwistMate connectors, plugs and caps provide fast leak tight threaded connections for testing, filling, flushing, plugging, calibrating or venting applications.

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May 2016 

TwistMate's unique "twist to connect" and pressure assisted grip and seal technology is simple to use connection method for internal or external threads and compression fittings.

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FasMate Instant Threaded Connections

June 2013

The FasMate FN & FX Series split collet design connectors provide an instant connections to internal and external threads via squeeze lever, thumb valve or pneumatic actuation for pressure, filling and vacuum applications.

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May 2016 

The FasMate Series provide instant connections to internal and external threads. The FasMate Series of lever, thumb valve and pneumatically actuated connectors are an ideal method for fast, safe and repeatable connections.

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HPB Series

The FasTest HPB Series manual connectors are specially designed to connect to female swivel SAE 37 Degree and SAE O-Ring Face Seal fittings.

Download (809.9 KB)

60-70 Series

FasTest sleeve actuated 60 and 70 Series connectors are the preferred method for fast, safe and repeatable connections to a wide variety of thread and tube profiles used in the process and manufacturing industries for filling, pressure and leak testing, and instrument calibration.

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