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Quick Connectors for Fluid Power Components Testing

Standard Quick Connectors for Hydraulic & Pneumatic testing and Fluid Transfer Applications

FasTest is the industry leading provider of precision quick connectors for leak testing of critical fluid power components or transferring of fluids into/out of a system. Designed to simplify the connection process, save time and enhance safety, FasTest quick connectors provide the user with confidence that a faster, reliable and repeatable connection to the part is possible. FasTest quick connectors:

  • Offer safe, ergonomic designs to reduce stress injuries and improve manufacturing productivity
  • Are ideal for high volume production testing
  • Do not require wrenches, tape or sealants for a leak tight seal
  • Are available for test pressures up to 10,000psi (689 bar)
  • Reduce damage to threads and test pieces

FasTest offers a range of quick connectors that can connect directly to a variety of applications such as: motors, pumps, control valves, manifolds, cylinders, hose assemblies, pipe and tubing, actuators, heaters and other hydraulic test ports.

Construction Vehicles Construction Vehicles Leak Testing
Agriculture Quick Connectors for Agricultural Vehicles
Bus & Transit Quick Connector for On Highway Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles Quick Connectors for RVs


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