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Quick Connectors for Testing Aerospace Components 

Improve Leak Testing and Manufacturing Efficiency

FasTest is the industry leading provider of precision quick connectors for leak testing of a wide range of aerospace components. Designed to simplify the connection process to tubing, bores and threads, FasTest's quick connectors save time and enhance safety, FasTest quick connectors
provide the user with confidence that a faster, reliable and repeatable connection to the part is possible. FasTest quick connectors:

  • Offer safe, ergonomic designs to reduce stress injuries and improve manufacturing productivity
  • Are ideal for high volume production testing
  • Do not require wrenches, tape or sealants for a leak tight seal
  • Are available for test pressures up to 10,000psi (689 bar)
  • Reduce damage to threads and test pieces
  • Ideally suited for leak, vacuum or pressure manufacturing testing applications

FasTest offers a range of quick connectors that can connect directly to a variety of applications such as: tube assemblies, component testing, engine testing, valves, gauges, ground support tools, pipe and tubing, and in place calibration.

60 Series

Instant Connections to External Threads and Compression Fittings

The 60 Series sleeve actuated connect...


70 Series

Instant Connections to External Tube Features

The 70 Series make instant connections to a variety...



Twist to Connect for Internal or External Threads and Fittings

TwistMate's unique "twist to connect" a...


HPB Series

Instant Connections to External Threads and Compression Fittings

The HPB Series sleeve actuated connec...


JXL Series

Fast Lever Actuated Connections to External Tubes

The JXL Series are ideal for external connections to...



Instant Connections to Internal and External Threads

The FasMate Series of lever, thumb valve and pneu...


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