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CoreMax® SnapMate™ Service

External Connections to CoreMax® and Schrader® Flare (625 psi/43 bar)

  • Instant connections to CoreMax® and Schrader® flare connections.
  • Evacuate and charge refrigerant during field servicing.
  • For pressures up to 625 psi (43 bar).
  • Collet design locks securely into CoreMax® and common Schrader® valves.
  • Internally valved for refrigerant containment upon disconnection.

Designed For: evacuate and charge, and other related processes.

Connects To:
45° Flare | CoreMax | Schrader
Pressure Rating:
Vacuum to 625 psi (43 bar)
Actuation Method:
Application Type:
CoreMax® and Schrader® flare connections

SnapMate Datasheet: Click Here

SnapMate Service Operating Instructions: Click Here

SnapMate Service Main Seal Replacement: Click Here

SnapMate Service Rebuild / Repair: Click Here

Product Video: Watch Here

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