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Quick Connectors for Engines & Automotive Components Testing

Complete Connetion Solution for Engine Testing!

FasTest is the industry leading provider of standard and custom quick connectors for all engine tests. We design all of our quick connectors to ensure a leak-tight, secure connection for your cold or hot engine leak tests.

Drive Safety & Efficency with Perfect Connections to Any Automotive Component

FasTest offers a wide array of standard quick connectors to leak test virtually any automotive component, including: steering systems, intake/exhaust components, fuel systems, cooling systems transmissions, brake systems, windshield systems and climate control components. FasTest quick connectors are:

  • Automated pneumatic or manually operated
  • Ideal for high volume production testing
  • Models available for test pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar)
  • Simple product operation does not require wrenches, tape or sealants for a leak tight seal
  • Eliminate thread damage to realized through traditional methods
  • Safe ergonomic designs reduce stress injuries and improve manufacturing productivity

Passenger Vehicles Passenger Vehicle Leak Testing
Light Trucks Quick Connectors for Light Trucks
Heavy Trucks 
Off-Road Vehicles Quick Connectors for All Terrain Vehicles
EZ Connect - ZGN™

Wide Tolerance Sealing Connection Tool for Instant Connections to Multiple Thread Sizes/Types


FE Series

Conexiones automatizadas a roscas y tubos externos

La serie FE de conectores ofrece conexiones herm&ea...


FI Series

Conexiones automatizadas a roscas, tubos y orificios internos

La serie FI de conectores ofrece conexio...



Conexiones instantáneas a roscas internas y externas

La serie FasMate de conectores de accionam...


EZ Connect - ZF™

Wide Tolerance Quick Connector for Formed Tubes

EZ Connect ZF™ is the newest quick connector in ...


EZ Connect - ZN

The industry best connectors deliver fast, efficient sealing of internal tubes- now with a lock ring feature.



60 Series

Instant Connections to External Threads and Compression Fittings

The 60 Series sleeve actuated connect...


70 Series

Instant Connections to External Tube Features

The 70 Series make instant connections to a variety...


70 Series - Fuel Rail

Instant External Connections to Fuel Rails

FasTest now offers our 70 Series connectors specifically de...


Sistema "torcer para conectar" para roscas y accesorios internos o externos

El exclusivo sistema "torc...


HPB Series

Conexiones instantáneas a accesorios de compresión y roscas externos

Los conectores de l...


JNL Series

Conexiones rápidas de accionamiento por palanca a tubos y orificios internos

La serie JNL ideal...


JXL Series

Fast Lever Actuated Connections to External Tubes

The JXL Series are ideal for external connections to...


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