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Sleeve actuate Valve Core Insertion Tool that is used to first evacuate the system and then insert the CoreMax valve core without loss of vacuum.

Product Family : CoreMax

Valve Core Insertion Tool - Highest Flow for Evacuation

The Valve Core Insertion Tool is a sleeve actuated connector that is used to first evacuate the system and then insert the CoreMax valve core without loss of vacuum.  It connects and seals to the seat and delivers flow rates that are greater than process tubes of the same size.

Used for evacuation stations to achieve the maximum flow and therefore the shortest processing time.  The final step with this tool is the insertion of the CoreMax valve prior to the unit moving to the charging station.

  • 1.375" diameter x 6.25" length approximate size
  • Pressures up to 700 psi
  • 3/8" termination

Click on the document below to view or download the appropriate operating and maintenance instructions for the Valve Core Insertion Tool SCFT10 from FasTest for CoreMax valves.  Proper use of the insertion tool will ensure safe operation and maximum connector life.

FasTest currently provides 3D CAD models for our products in .SAT and .STP formats.  Appropriate CAD software is necessary to view and use these files.

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