Custom Connection Tools for Radiator Fill Neck Testing Increased Sealing Accuracy & Operator Safety

About The Project

FasTest was tasked by a major Automotive Engine manufacturer to produce a secure sealing connection to their radiator fill necks. Before FasTest, there was no solution for this application.

The customer was manually sealing the radiator fill neck with fill caps that required manual twisting - this resulted in inconsistent seals and strain on the operator. The fill port was also hard to access which resulted in dangerous methods to reach it

FasTest Solution

FasTest needed to create a way to seal on the fill neck, issues with this: little sealing surface, a wide diameter, and an internal seal.

FasTest was able to create custom Connection Tools which offered acurate seals and increased safety - Improving the customer’s sealing conenction.

Project Results

Repetitive Motion Injury Icon.svg

Reduce Repetitive Motion

Less injuries and lost time

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Quicker Connections

Increased throughput

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Exact Valve Standard

Instant leak-free connections

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