Safe, Reliable, and Fast Connections for Medical Life Science Device Testing

FasTest® offers a wide range of Connection Tools designed to connect to and seal various luer fittings and medical device testing components. Designed to simplify the testing process, FasTest provides reliable and repeatable testing solutions for medical products. 

FasTest® Medical / Life-Science Design

Housing Material: Clear bright dipped anodized aluminum host material.
Stainless steel offered as an option.

Seal Materials: White FDA approved Neoprene, Silicone, or Fluorocarbon main seals.

Cleaning Process: All FasTest Medical Grade connectors are produced and double bagged in the FasTest® Controlled Environment. Contact factory for specific details.

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Safe & Reliable Leak-Tight Connections

Connectors for Automation or Hand-Operation. FasTest® Connectors create a perfect seal to any type of medical testing application.

Reduce Test Connection Time

Designed for high volume production testing with test pressures up to 500 psi (34 bar).

Increase Throughput

Connect and seal instantly. Test more, quicker.

Eliminate Product Damage & Improve Operator Ergonomics

Reduce product scrap with application specific tools. Easy-to-use Connector operation - ergonomic designs reduce stress injuries and improve productivity.

Available with ICON™ Technology

Intelligent Connection Technology to improve sealing connection accuracy, reduce product scrap, maximize efficiency, and optimize maintenance.

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Extensive Product Offering

Industry's most extensive line of Connectors for Medical Device testing.


Quality Designs

Highest quality products for your testing process.


Intelligent Technology

Innovative ICON™ technology to reduce scrap and improve testing safety and efficiency.


Standard & Custom

Off-the-shelf and custom Connectors available for unique applications.


Angioplasty Catheter | Battery Packs | Needle/Syringe | Luer Testing | Dialysis Filters | Specialty Tools | and More





FasTest® Medical / Life-Science Customers

FasTest products are well designed and deliver great functionality. Our main application is leak-test and the integrity of their sealing solutions helps us get to the desired Gage Repeatability and thus help improve quality of our products.

— S. Prasad, Senior Manufacturing Engineer