Filling Tools for Medical Grade Compressed Gas

FasTest Compressed Gas Connection Tools offer a “No Twist, No Turn” approach to Medical Gas cylinder filling. Under pressure, a secure, leak-tight seal is established with our patented safety locking mechanism. Gain a competitive advantage through ergonomic efficiency and increased productivity, resulting in greater profitability. Our connectors will improve your cylinder filling performance, whether filling one cylinder at a time or 100 cylinders in an inverted rack.

As an industry leader of Sealing and Connection Technologies, FasTest offers standard products for many valve standards, and a dedicated team of Custom Design Experts to engineer optimized solutions for demanding applications. Connect safely, seal reliably, fill fast.

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Oxygen Cleaned

Cleaned for Oxygen Service to CGA G 4.1 and Adiabatic Ignition Tested to ensure safe filling.

Customer Service

A responsive team to support initial quote through aftermarket support, replacement seals and parts.

Fast Lead Times

Our most popular standards, configurations, and seal kits are stocked and ready to ship within 48 hours.

Connection Tools for Compressed Gas Filling


Connection solutions for CGA 870, 950, 910, 940


Connection solutions for CGA 540, 540 RPV

Bail Handle

Connection solutions for CGA 540, CGA 540 RPV with retractable RPV pin or pneumatically actuated RPV pin

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Why FasTest for Medical Grade Compressed Gas


Produce More Cylinders

FasTest® Connection Tools enable Fill Plants to improve flow and process more fill cycles per day, generating significant revenue in return.


Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries

Easy-to-use one hand operation, eliminate the painful twisting motions of standard fittings.


Safely Connect in Seconds

FasTest’s ergonomic tools instantly attach to cylinder valves in a smooth one handed motion. Easily achieve a 90% time savings while securing high pressure fill lines to cylinders.


Safety First

Precision engineered tools provide the highest quality connection and seal for accurate testing.


48 Hour Lead Time

Many products ship within 48 hours to maintain uptime of all fill points.


ROI in Months, Not Years

Connection Tools pay for themselves multiple times over throughout their lifecycle.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Custom Engineered Solutions

We transform connection tools into tailor-made solutions to fit your exact requirements. Our Team of engineers will work with you to identify and design the optimal Connection Tool for your testing needs. Having difficulty sealing a unique port? Issues with clearance? Work with our dedicated team of Custom Experts to build your perfect solution.

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