Leak-Tight, Secure Connections for Aerospace Tubes, Valves, Engines and Components

FasTest® is the industry leader of connection tools for leak testing of aerospace components. Designed to simplify the connection process, save time and enhance safety. FasTest® connection tools provide faster, reliable and repeatable connections.

FasTest® offers a range of connectors that can connect directly to a variety of aerospace components: tube assemblies, component testing, engine testing, valves, gauges, ground support tools, pipe and tubing, and in-place calibration.

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Engine Testing
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Why FasTest for Aerospace Connectors

Safe & Reliable Leak-Tight Connections

Ergonomic designs reduce stress injuries and improve productivity. A perfect connection to any type of aerospace testing application.

Reduce High Pressure Test Connection Time

Designed for high volume production testing with test pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar).

Increase Throughput

Connect and seal instantly.
Test more, quicker.

Eliminate thread damage, sealant, and wrenches

Easy-to-use Connector operation - no wrenches, tape or sealants for a leak tight seal.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Custom Engineered Solutions

We transform connection tools into tailor-made solutions to fit your exact requirements. Our Team of engineers will work with you to identify and design the optimal Connection Tool for your testing needs. Having difficulty sealing a unique port? Issues with clearance? Work with our dedicated team of Custom Experts to build your perfect solution.

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Automate Your Leak Test Process with
ICON™ Intelligent Tools.

ICON™ is a process automation enabling technology engineered to enhance and maximize our customer’s testing process. 

  • Verify safe connections and reliable sealing.
  • Confirm step completion and set handshake points.

Integrating sensing and real-time data output into FasTest’s industry-leading connection tools. ICON™ puts the power in the hands of users to run smarter, safer, and faster tests. Whether you're making a manual connection or integrating automation, ICON™ technology has a connection solution for you.


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