Custom Sealing Connection Tools

We have a dedicated team of Custom Experts - we have done thousands of custom applications and have likely seen yours.

Automotive / Vehicle Systems

  • Unique port shapes/sizes
  • Turbocharger
  • Fuel systems

Fluid Power

  • Hydraulic hose ends
  • Hydrostatic drive components
  • Cylinder testing


  • Distribution manifolds
  • Compressor run testing
  • Coil leak testing

Compressed Gas

  • Pressure vessel proof testing
  • Specialty gasses
  • Fill plant ergonomics


  • Specialty pressures/materials
  • Hydraulic tubing
  • Casting porosity


  • Washing machine mixing valves
  • Coil/compressors
  • Water dispensers and filtration

Medical / Life Science

  • Drug delivery systems (insulin pumps/tube sets)
  • Medical filtration (kidney dialysis)
  • Medical devices (chest drains, angioplasty instruments)

Need A Solution for Your Application? 

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