At FasTest, our mission is to reduce our customer’s manufacturing costs, improve testing safety, and enhance leak testing processes.

Our Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing customers experience consistent and safe sealing to drive increased throughput and quality of test.

Fastest can offer solutions to outfit an entire engine packaged with a range of standard and custom products. We have a dedicated team of Custom Engineers to develop unique solutions tailored to your testing requirements.

Solutions for complete engine packages, fuel lines, motors, gearbox, transmissions, breaks, fluid reservoirs, turbos, exhausts, coolant lines, drive train connections, threads, ports, and other connection points.

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Leak-Tight, Safe & Quick Connections


Reduce Time to Run Leak Tests

Minimize the set up time it takes to prepare the engine for a leak test. Compared to using in-house solutions like clamps and pad seals, FasTest Connection Tools can drastically improve throughput. Reducing set up by a couple minutes can increase the total throughput of engines per shift.


Reduce False Failures

False failures are a costly result typically caused by poor connections and seals. By using accurate sealing Connection Tools, leak tests are more reliable and consistent - if a leak test fails, the leak is not from the point of connection.


Improve Quality of Test

Improve Quality of Test by replicating the real-world connections on the engines. This gives operators a better representation of the engine's performance once installed in the vehicle. Many in-house solutions can mask leaks instead of identifying them.


Tailored for Your Unique Application















All FasTest Products for Internal Combustion Engine


Leak Test Connection Tools for Every Port & Thread


Accurate Connection & Sealing

Precision engineered tools provide the highest quality connection and seal for accurate testing.


Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries

Easy-to-use one hand operation, eliminate the painful twisting motions of standard fittings.


Safely Connect in Seconds

FasTest’s ergonomic tools instantly attach to ports and threads - no wrenches, thread tape, or sealants for a leak-tight seal. 


Safety First

Multiple safety features are included in every tool, including pressure assisted sealing technology.


Durable Connection Tools

Engineered for precision and durability to withstand rigorous testing environments.


Quality Tools, Quality Tests

Engineered for the highest quality connection and seal. Reduce False Failures caused at the connection points.

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Tailored Connection Tools for a Full Battery Pack Leak Test 

FasTest's Dedicated Team of Engineers work with you to develop the ideal connectors to meet your needs/requirements. We want to evolve with our customers to develop world class Connection Tools and technology.

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Vehicle System Component Leak Testing

Improve Testing Safety & Efficiency

FasTest offers Connection Tools for cooling systems, steering systems, intake/exhaust/turbo components, fuel systems, transmissions, brake systems, washer systems, HVAC systems, and more. 

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