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FasTest SMART Connection Verification

Connection Verification™ Enabled Pneumatic Quick Connectors

  • Verify connections are properly actuated prior to starting a leak test

  • Eliminate waste caused by failed connections

  • Collect data to verify operators have made the right connection

  • Automatically start leak tests after the connection has been made

  • Improve safety throughout the testing process

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Why Use Connection Verification Enabled Quick Connector

Eliminate Waste Caused by Bad Connections!

Why Use Connection Verification Enabled Quick Connector?

What is Connection Verification?

FasTest's Connection Verification™ technology provides an electrical signal that your pneumatic quick connectors have properly actuated.

Learn more about the Connection Verification System!

Download Data Sheet

Download Calibration Tool Sheet

Connection Verification System Overview

Automated Systems

Bench Top Systems

Multiconnector Systems

Automated Leak Test System

Bench Top System

Multiconnector System

bench top leak tester Automated Leak Test Cells Quick Connectors Pick and place system

Learn More about FE & FI Quick Connectors

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FI quick connector with Connection Verification



Calibration Tool

SMART External

Pneumatic Quick Connections

SMART Internal

Pneumatic Quick Connections

SMART Internal Quick Connections

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