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Literature and Product Instructions

Our resource area contains product literature as well as operating and maintenance instructions to ensure proper use and maximum service life of your FasTest products.

Compressed Gas
  Fluid Power

Calibration - Calibrate 5X Faster

FasTest calibration products are designed to meet the most frequent challenges facing technicians calibrating instruments such as transmitters, pressure gauges and transducers.  Calibrating large quantities of instruments, making leak tight connections to a variety of thread profiles, eliminating thread damage to instruments and minimizing contamination to process media are all solved with FasTest connectors and accessories.


Introduction to Calibration Products

July 2010

Brief overview of how FasTest connectors improve the process of calibrating a large volume and variety of instruments through innovative plug and play technology.

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FasCal Calibration Connection Devices

December 2012

FasTest calibration connector products specifically designed to meet the most frequent challenges or problems facing technicians that calibrate instruments such as transmitters, pressure gauges and transducers.

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CalMate Connectors for Sanitary Style Fittings

April 2011

FasTest's CalMate connector line is designed for fast, efficient connections to 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 2" sanitary style flange fittings.

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