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Quick Connectors For Filling Compressed Gases

Improve Cylinder Filling Efficiency

FasTest manufacturers the industry-leading quick connectors for filling industrial, medical oxygen and other compressed gas cylinders. FasTest offers a wide variety of connectors for standard CGA 540, CGA 580 and CGA 870 valves common in gas filling applications. FasTest compressed gas products are in service throughout the world by the industry's major compressed gas manufacturers.

Why Use FasTest Quick Connectors?
  • Onsite service available throughout North America
  • Locking feature provides additional safety under pressure
  • Wide variety of handle options for your application
  • Simplified designs have fewer seals and are easy to maintain in the field
  • One piece exterior body construction improves strength and durability

Inert Gases

Quick Connector for Filling Inert Gases (CGA 580)

Medical Oxygen & Air

Quick Connectors for Filling Medical Oxygen and Air (CGA 870 and CGA 950)

Industrial Oxygen & Air

Quick Connector for Filling Industrial Oxygen & Air (CGA 346 & CGA 540)

Synthetic Air

Quick Connectors for Filling Synthetic Air (CGA 590)


CGA 580 Connector now with SMART Technology!

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Yoke Style Connectors for Medical Oxygen Filling Applications

The MediMate connectors for medical oxyg...


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