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FasTest's leak and pressure connectors improve manufacturing costs and efficiencies with quick, temporary connections to seal a wide variety of tubes, holes, thread profiles and test piece features. NEW!
Internal Thread Connectors
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in high volume testing applications
  • Simple operation does not require wrenches, tape or sealants
  • Eliminate damage to test pieces realized with traditional methods

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对于 HVAC-R 制造商而言,FasTest 的大流量冷媒处理阀门 (CoreMax ®) 和连接器可减少不必要的工具,缩短排气时间,并大大降低操作和维护成本。 NEW!
Process Connectors
  • CoreMax 阀门的安装次数超过 1000 万次
  • 适用于制冷及空调产品中使用的管道的快速连接器
  • 设计独特,可提高安全性,防止受压松脱

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FasTest's series of compressed gas connectors save time and improve productivity with a quick, temporary connection to industry standard valves common in medical oxygen and industrial filling applications. NEW!
Lightweight Cast
Brass MediMate 
  • Designed to meet specific CGA 346, 540, 580, 590 and 870 specifications
  • A simple no twist, no turn approach connection for filling
  • For conventional and residual pressure valve applications

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FasTest’s calibration connectors improve productivity, lower costs and eliminate the process of using tape, sealant and wrenches when calibrating of gauges and instruments. NEW!
Sanitary Style
Flange Connectors
  • Calibrate more instruments in a short period of time (5X Faster)
  • Eliminate thread damage and minimize media contamination
  • Ideal for metrology labs or field service technicians

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FasTest’s medical series of quick test connectors seal to the surfaces of tubes, luers, catheters and other smooth or threaded medical devices for testing, filling or flushing applications. NEW!
LuerMate Connectors
  • Uniform seal movement makes fast, leak proof connections
  • Pneumatically actuated for high volume testing applications
  • FDA approved seals

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