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LuerMate Series™


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External pneumatic connector for Luer capture and seal to male or female medical Luer fittings. FDA approved Viton seals.

Product Family : LuerMate Series™
Product Family : ML Series
Connection Type : Medical Luers
Connection Method : Automated Pneumatic
Connects To : Medical Luers
Pressure Rating : 500 psi (34.4 bar)
Termination : 1/8" NPT (Female)

The LuerMate Series ML style medical connectors are specifically designed to test many types of Luers. FasTest’s proprietary hold and seal design secures the Luer while a special piston seals the internal portion of the Luer.  The ML style connectors can be used manually or automated with sealing pressures to 500 psi. Actual pressure will vary based on the type of Luer.

Features and benefits:

  • For fixturing and sealing of male or female Luer fittings
  • Test pressure ranges from vacuum to 500 psi
  • Clear anodized aluminum construction

Dim A Dim B Dim C Dim D Dim E Dim F
0.84 (21.4) 0.63
4-40 UNC 10-32 UNF 1/8" NPT







Host Material - Clear bright dipped anodized aluminum host material.  Stainless steel offered as an option.

Seal Materials - White FDA Neoprene or FDA listed fluorocarbon main seals.

Cleaning - All parts are washed in an aqueous solution utilizing ultrasonic agitation at a temperature of 140 degrees F. Components are then rinsed in a cascading rinse tank and dried using 99.999% Nitrogen Controlled Environment – Assembled is in Clean Room defined as a 100,000 ppm level controlled environment.

Components Inspection & Assembly - Pre-assembly inspection of all components.  Assembled, tested and placed in double bag packaging inside controlled environment.

Lubrication – Krytox is the standard lubricant. Krytox is FDA approved for oxygen service.
applications.  Petroleum jelly is the alternate lubricant upon request.

Certification - White FDA Neoprene main seal material to be compliant to 21CFR177.2600.
We also utilize FDA listed fluorocarbon seal material.

Click on the document below to view or download the appropriate operating and maintenance instructions for the ME001 Series and ML Series connectors from FasTest.
Proper use of the connectors will ensure safe operation and maximum connector life.

How to Order:

The ML Style connectors are designed, engineered and manufactured to your specific application requirements.

For part number and a price quotation:

1)  Identify the gripping and sealing areas of your test piece.
2)  Contact FasTest with information on test pressure, media and provide detailed drawing, including tolerances of test piece.
3)  Two sample parts will be required at the time of order for final design and testing purposes.

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