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Bulk pack - 5 seal replacements for connector SA200, Neoprene seals
Retract Collar
Slide collar to open position.
This opens the connector locking assembly.
   Insert Diaphragm and Extend
Place the diaphragm of the instrument into the connector. Extend the collar to the locked position.
   Twist to Secure
Rotate collar to secure connector.  Rotation compresses diaphragm against gasket and creates a leak tight seal and adjust for variations in flange thicknesses.

Click on the document below to view or download the appropriate operating instructions for the CalMate Series connectors from FasTest for sanitary flange style fittings.  Proper use of the connectors will ensure safe operation and maximum connector life.

CalMate Series - Operating Instructions
FasTest currently provides 3D CAD models for our products in .SAT and .STP formats.  Appropriate CAD software is necessary to view and use these files.
CAD models for this item are processed by request at this time.  E-mail your requests to caddrawings@fastestinc.com

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