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G-Series for CGA540


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CGA 540 standard connector with used for filling Airgas WalkO2Bout cylinders. Connector has a pneumatically engaged residual pressure valve pin. 

Product Family : G-Series for CGA540
Connection Type : External Threads (Male)
Connection Method : Bail Handle
Connects To : CGA 540
Pressure Rating : 3600 (248.2)
Termination : 1/4" NPT (Male)
CRN No. : 0H21575.5

FasTest's Medical G540 WOB gas connector is simple to use with a no twist, no turn approach to filling. Simply connect our product onto your valve and lock into place with a forward movement of the bail handle roller actuator. Engage the retracted RPV pin using air or nitrogen and you are ready to fill the medical oxygen cylinder in a matter of seconds. Features and benefits include:

  • Brass, Monel®, and Inconel wetted components
  • Stainless steel bail handle for strength and operator safety under pressure 
  • Heavy duty "through body" design at bail handle connection point
  • Simple, one hand operation bail handle roller actuation
  • 3600 psi rating
  • 40 ounce weight
  • Cleaned for O2 service
  • U.S. Patent #8,844,979

Each Industrial G540 is supplied with a standard actuator handle, right-angle 90 degree termination port and Viton elastomer seals.  The elastomer compound used is based upon industry approval and performance characteristics for the application.  

Distinct durability and maintenance advantages over competitive market brands include:

  • Bail roller actuation
  • Pneumatically operated RPV pin
  • Heavy duty handle eliminates failure
  • Simplified design has fewer seals to maintain
  • One piece exterior body construction
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Note: G540 WOB style connectors are assembled with a #5 bail handle.

Additional handles cable and lever are available assembled as a fully assembled connector for a nominal fee.
Consult factory.

Click on the document below to view or download the appropriate operating and maintenance instructions for the G-Series bail handle connectors from FasTest.
Proper use of the connectors will ensure safe operation and maximum connector life.

FasTest currently provides 3D CAD models for our products in .SAT and .STP formats.  Appropriate CAD software is necessary to view and use these files.
CAD models for this item are processed by request at this time.

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