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Frequently Asked Questions


The brief list below are questions frequently asked regarding our new EZ Series products

Can I get the connector with the media port plugged? – Yes, simple hex nuts can be used and  are available under related items for purchase. 

How do I buy? – These may be purchased through local distribution or directly from FasTest. 

Are safety restrains available? –   A restraint kit is being developed and will be available for purchase in the near future.

Can I send this item in for repair?  No.  Field maintenance kits are available for  5 full rebuilds of the connector, but damaged connectors due to use should be replaced with new purchase.  All EZ Series products are subject to 90 day warranty from the date of sale.

How do I change seals? – Refer to website for instructions or video resources. EZ Series Seal & EZ Series Grip & Seal

Can I get price breaks for quantity purchases?  Yes, please consult  local distribution for details or interest in a volume order.

The brief list below are questions frequently asked regarding products or services when contacting FasTest.  Our intent is the answers will be helpful and supportive of your current need.  If your question is not answered, please contact us for further assistance and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Can I buy direct from FasTest? 
The preferred process for ordering connectors and replacement components is through distributors of FasTest products.  If a distributor is not available in your region or you prefer a direct purchase, please contact Customer Service at 651.645.6266 or at fastsales@fastestinc.com for available options such as credit card or purchase order.
FasTest offers a limited number of products for purchase on-line by credit card to the United States only at this time.
 American Express Visa Mastercard

How do I submit an order?
FasTest must have a written order in order to comply with our ISO 9001 compliance. Purchase orders should be emailed to FasTest Customer Service at fastsales@fastestinc.com.  Alternatively, you may place your order for standard product through FasTest's online store.

How often do I have to change the seals?
Seal life is difficult to predict due to the wide variety of applications using FasTest products. Typically you can be assured of several thousand cycles, however sealing rough surfaces, threads or features may reduce seal life. Other factors such as seal materials, test media, cleanliness, actuation pressure and operational procedures effect seal life.   For additional assistance or to discuss specific applications, contact the FasTest technical product group.

How do I find replacement seals?
Replacing worn or damaged seals at the appropriate time is the best way to ensure your FasTest connector is working as intended.  Finding replacement seals for your connector is now possible through the FasTest website.  Seals can be found with just a few clicks.

  • Enter your part number into the search field in the header on any page, click the "Submit" button
    - Example FE1-18
  • Search results gives a brief product summary, click "Learn More" button to get more details.
  • Click "Related Products" tab to see replacement parts available for the FE1-18 connector.
  • Selecting "Learn More" on the related parts results will allow you to request a quote or purchase immediately if they are available for sale on-line.

Can fluids be used for testing?
This would be dependent upon the fluid media used.  FasTest primarily utilizes Nitrile, Neoprene and Urethane seal materials.  Other materials such as Silicone, EPDM, Viton, etc are available for fluids that may have compatibility issues.  Some fluids can wash away the internal lubricants of the product, so periodic preventative maintenance is always recommended. Steam, O2 and volatile solutions are not recommended.  For additional assistance or to discuss specific applications, contact the FasTest technical product group.

Can connectors be used underwater? 
FasTest products are manufactured primarily from corrosion resistant stainless steel and/or anodized aluminum.  These connectors will function well in underwater tests. The exceptions would be the ST & XT Series refrigeration products, manufactured from carbon steels.

Can we customize threads, seals, etc?
Yes!  FasTest has a highly knowledgeable technical product staff to assistance with special and custom applications.


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