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Quick Connectors for HVAC-R Component Testing 

Improve Refrigerant Processing Speed, Productivity & Safety

FasTest’s quick connectors are ideally suited for leak testing and rapid refrigerant processing. From straight tubes to expanded tubes, low pressure to high pressure applications, FasTest quick connection tools are able to provide an instantaneous leak tight seal. Our engineered connection tools improve your manufacturing processing efficiency and testing reliability by providing instant connections to: evaporator coils, condenser coils, service valves, heat exchangers, compressors, pressure vessels and a wide variety of other HVAC systems.

CoreMax Valves for Package & Split System Units:

FasTest's CoreMax access valves for package units and CoreMax service valves for split systems are 21st century solutions to 20th century valve issues. With increased flow and superior leak-free designs, CoreMax valves are a high quality alternative to leak-prone Schrader technology. FasTest's CoreMax valves:

  • Eliminate costs and leaks associated with process tubes and Schrader type valves
  • Increase flow rate for greater line throughput
  • Dramatically improve sealing for increased first-pass yield
JB Industries

FasTest's Coremax Service Tools Are

Exclusively Available Through JB Industries

CoreMax Removal Tool CoreMax Service SnapMate CoreMax Valve CoreMax Manual Torque Wrench CoreMax Seat
    Packaged AC UnitsRooftop Packaged Unit
    Split System AC Units Split System Units
    Ice Machines Ice Machines and Coolers
    Pool Systems Pool System

    Rapid Charge and Evacuation System for Refrigerants

    The CoreMax sys...


    XT Series

    Instant External Connections to Expanded Tubes

    The XT Series sleeve actuated connect...



    FasTest's new GasMate Series quick connection tools allow appliance and furnace manufacturers to safely and efficiently pe...

    JNL Series

    Fast Lever Actuated Connections to Internal Tubes and Bores

    The JNL Series are ideal for internal conn...


    JXL Series

    Fast Lever Actuated Connections to External Tubes

    The JXL Series are ideal for external connections to...


    MBE / MRE Series

    Connections to Expanded Tubes/CoreMax Valves

    The MBE Series (Ball Grip) and MRE Series (Ring Grip) for...


    ST Series

    Instant External Connections to Straight Tubes

    The ST Series sleeve actuated connectors make reliable ...


    RQD Series

    Fast Lever Actuated Connections to Process Tips - Now Available for Keyed Tips!

    FasTest’s RQD (R...



    Instant Connections to Internal and External Threads

    The FasMate Series of lever, thumb valve and pneu...


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