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FasTest Quick Connectors Improve In-Process Leak Testing In The Following Industries:

Quick connectors for in process manufacturing


Industry leading quick connectors for leak and pressure testing during the manufacturing process


High flow OEM refrigerant valves for HVAC-R manufacturers and connectors for testing applications with refrigerant tubing and process tips

Compressed Gas

High speed CGA standard connectors for filling of medical and industrial oxygen, propane and other compressed gas cylinders


Calibrate faster with connectors for gauges, transmitters, control valve actuators, transducers, instrumentation, compression fittings, flanges, conduit and piping.


Automated pneumatic and manual quick connectors for volume testing of luers, tubing, syringes, catheters and other medical device components


Leak and pressure testing quick connectors for engines and automotive components

Quick Connectors for Fluid Power Components

Fluid Power

Precision quick connectors for leak testing of critical fluid power components or transferring of fluids into/out of a system.
Quick Connectors for Aerospace Component Testing


Industry leading precision quick connectors for leak testing of a wide range of aerospace components
Quick connectors for appliances components leak testing


Quick connectors for leak testing compressors, water systems, coils, heat exchangers and other appliance components


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