Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

industry 4.0.jpgIn the manufacturing industry, technology is vital for the success and growth of innovative processes. With manufacturing processes being in Industry 4.0 which according to AMFG “is an approach to manufacturing that enhances quality and efficiency through strategic automation and seamless data exchange”.  Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a key component in Industry 4.0. AI is the process of computers learning through different algorithms to predict future outcomes and help current situations. Manufacturing companies can use AI to cut costs, streamline supply chains, increase safety, and much more. 

Better Prediction Models 

A major factor that AI assists with is optimizing flow for your manufacturing line. AI systems compile data and run models to test different outcomes and predict which models are the most efficient. AI can also find different patterns and algorithms to give useful advice with future predictions. These models and advice help save money and resources. 

Supply Chain Improvement shutterstock_757773688 (2).jpg

With the ability to predict demand and notice patterns, AI can implement itself into your supply chain process and assist with decision-making, which can increase resourcefulness in your supply chain. With the recent supply chain turmoil unfolding across many industries, AI systems can help companies adjust to challenging times. 

Predictive Maintenance

Like any equipment, manufacturing tooling breaks down from time to time. Most of the time, it hinders manufacturing processes and there are long waits to get the machines fixed which results in loss of revenue, resources, and time. AI can step in and solve the problem by tracking different vitals of each machine and giving updates on when issues might occur. AI can also compile previous data and predict a maintenance interval. This might be a bigger upfront cost but in the long run, AI will help save a lot of time and money with tracking machine health and performance.

Production Automation

On the manufacturing line, repetitive and manual tasks waste time and could potentially lead to injury. AI can take over those tasks and automate them completely by using robots on the manufacturing line. There has been an average annual growth of 14% of implemented industrial robots between 2018 and 2020 worldwide.  FasTest is a great example of automating tasks on the manufacturing line with our leak testing connection tools. Instead of manually testing for leaks, our quick connection tools simply seal and help test for any leaks that may result in problems down the road. Our connectors bring consistency to the testing process and remove failure points. Check out our connection tools by clicking here.



Since AI accomplishes tasks through learning and operating, AI collects massive amounts of data that is mainly useful. Think of AI as having a fully functioning dashboard that allows you to have in-depth insights into everything about your manufacturing line. Having this opportunity allows you to make key decisions to optimize the manufacturing line to be the most resourceful it can be. There are also opportunities to see where you can improve your line and how you can innovate different processes to stay ahead of the competition.

Technology is one of the greatest drivers of innovation. With Artificial Intelligence, manufacturing can save time, money, resources, and more with predictive analytics, automation, prediction models, and models to understand data better to make informed decisions. Manufacturing is in Industry 4.0 right now, and AI is leading the way with the push to more innovative technology.


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