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Pilot Booster

Pilot Pressure Booster for FE Threaded Applications


A sealing system consisting of an FE Connector, urethane main seal and PB1015 Pressure Booster can produce the seal movement and long life performance needed in production testing applications. 30-65psi (2.1-4.5bar) air required.

Urethane sealing material is superior to neoprene material in high pressure, high abrasion and high cycle applications.  The increased elastomer movement required for sealing irregular shapes or into threads requires urethane seal material.  Up to 600 psi (41.4 bar) pilot pressure is needed to seal deep root external threads.  Production testing of threads and hard to seal surfaces can now be automated using the Pilot Pressure Booster and a proper sized urethane seal set in a FE Series Connector.

DO NOT use the booster with the FI Series connectors due to lower pressure rating.

Connects To:
FE Connection tool for Threaded applications
Pressure Rating:
30-65psi (2.1-4.5bar)
Actuation Method:
Application Type:
External Threads

Pilot Booster Operating Instructions: Click Here

Pilot Booster Repair Kit: Click Here

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