Water Heater Test Connectors Won’t Get You in Hot Water

GasMate waterheater header


A major appliance manufacturer of gas fired water heaters.


End-of-line run burner system testing of natural gas fired residential water heaters. 


The customer had been using a connector from another supplier generally satisfied the needs of the application but didn’t provide the needed life expectancy. In addition, the customer was frustrated by the supplier’s long lead times for replacement connectors and spare parts, as well as the overall poor level of post-sale support received.

Project Goals

  • Longer connector life between service intervals
  • Improved customer service and product/spare parts availability
  • Sleeve-actuated quick connect/disconnect
  • Automatic gas shut-off upon disconnect


FasTest worked with the customer to implement FasTest’s GasMate quick connect test connectors. 


The GasMate connectors provided all the necessary features for the application including a sleeve-actuated quick connect design and internal gas shut-off prior to disconnect. In addition, initial testing indicated significantly longer life between service intervals compared to the prior connectors they replaced. As an added safety benefit, the GasMate connectors incorporated a visual indicator in the form of a green ring to provide the line operator positive confirmation of a good connection prior to running the test.