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CoreMax Valve - High flow processing valve for use with Stub Tube, Panel, Saddle and NPT mount CoreMax seats.

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Product Family : CoreMax
Pressure Rating : 700 (48.2)

The CoreMax System is compatible with commonly used service connectors and caps.  The CoreMax valve uses the same thread, taper and sealing surface as standard refrigeration access valves.  Service technicians do not need to buy special tools, but with evacuation rates as fast as most 1/4" process tubes and connectors they will want to. Using the SnapMate Service connector with the CoreMax high-flow access valve allows field evacuation rates to be as fast as production rates, dramatically reducing service times. 

CoreMax Valve Core - The Centerpiece of the System

  The CoreMax valve core provides over 5 times greater flow than common refrigeration access valves along with dramatically better sealing (see comparison of relative flow rates below). 

Schrader style access valves have two leak paths and poor tolerance control making them prone to leaks.  They have a sleeve seal between the valve core and the seat and an additional elastomer seal on the valve.  The CoreMax valve core uses one elastomer to seal both the valve and the seat and also has a metal to metal seal for redundancy on the seat.  The valve core pin positioning is manufactured to exacting tolerances for consistent sealing and valve opening.  For use with existing service tools and caps, it has the same (7/16-20) thread, taper and sealing surface as commonly used on refrigeration valves (ANSI/ARI standard 720-2002).

CoreMax Seat Designed to Work with CoreMax Tools

    The CoreMax seat is critical to the integrated system design. The seat is designed with gripping and sealing surfaces that work with the variety of CoreMax tools.  The seat comes in a variety of styles such as Stub Tube, Saddle Mount, Panel Mount and NPT with others available on request. 

Click on the document below to view or download the appropriate installation instructions for the Stub Tube, Saddle Mount, NPT and Panel style CoreMax seats for use with the CoreMax valve core.  Proper installation of the valve core will ensure maximum performance.

FasTest currently provides 3D CAD models for our products in .SAT and .STP formats.  Appropriate CAD software is necessary to view and use these files.

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