Rapid and Automated Evacuation in a Portable Compact Cart.

Integrated with ICON™ technology, technicians now have the ability to set testing targets, start the evacuation and walk away.

EvacMax™ evacuates the system while displaying progress in real-time on the user interface, tracking up to 6 vacuum gauges simultaneously. If the target vacuum set point is reached, it automatically begins a vacuum decay test. If the test fails, EvacMax will rerun and attempt to pass the test. The entire process is recorded to a downloadable data file for record keeping and analysis. The result is hands-free, fast system evacuation, often in half the time of current evacuation methods.


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Faster Evacuation is Now Possible.

Optimized system of matched components to fully utilize the capabilities of the “MAX” family of access ports - CoreMax® & PortMax™ - or even common Packed Angle, Rotolock, Schrader, Ball and other service valves. 

While providing the shortest possible evacuation times, EvacMax™ monitors the process in real-time and can monitor multiple vacuum gauges strategically located on the refrigeration system.  

The intuitive design allows users to set target vacuum, allowable decay parameters and number of re-tests. EvacMax™ automatically performs the process and records data for later analysis, process optimization and customer record keeping. 


EvacMax-LP-instant-icon.svgDrastically improve evacuation times.

EvacMax-LP-real-time-icon.svgReal-time process monitoring and downloadable data logging.

EvacMax-LP-automated-icon.svgHands-free automated evacuation and vacuum decay testing.

EvacMax-LP-identify-icon.svgQuickly identify problems and optimize your evacuation process.

Rapid Evacuation of Large Capacity Systems

Industrial Refrigeration

Manufacturing, Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Power Plants.

Commercial Refrigeration

Grocery/Supermarkets, Strip Malls, Office Buildings, Ice Rinks, Server Farms.

Institutional Refrigeration

Medical/Hospital Facilities, Laboratories, Schools.

Cold Chain

Food Warehouses, Grocery Super Stores, Pharmaceutical Facilities.


Office & Apartment Buildings, Hotel, College Campus, Multi-Use Facilities. Rapidly evacuate extremely long tubing runs typical in these applications.

Air Handlers

Industrial Facilities, Warehouses, and Industrial Kitchens/Food Service Facilities.  


Fully Automatic Evacuation


Set target vacuum, vacuum decay and number of retry parameters. EvacMax can save up to 6 evacuation profiles for quick access.



Start the evacuation.



EvacMax™ will do the rest.


EvacMax automatically:

  • Pumps down to the target vacuum level that has been programmed, and if target is reached, begins a vacuum decay test. 
  • Continuously signals process status via the high visibility Andon Tower Light.
  • Signals a successful completion of the process via the high visibility Andon Tower Light.
  • Records the entire process to a downloadable data file.  


If the system fails the vacuum decay test: 

  • EvacMax will repeat the cycle a predetermined (set) number of times until the refrigeration system passes.
  • EvacMax™ signals a repeated failure informing the technician that further investigation for leaks or excessive moisture (and possibly a nitrogen purge cycle) is required.  

For the fastest evacuation, integrate with the high flow PortMax™ or CoreMax® access port systems.

FasTest Access Ports eliminate the need for commonly used refrigeration system valves - Schrader, Packed Angle, Rotolock & Ball valves - providing greater flow and shorter evacuation times.



Faster Processing of Systems Using Schrader Type Valves




Rapid Evacuation of Large Capacity Systems


Turn-key, optimized solution with  real-time tracking and data capabilities directly from FasTest.

  • Fully automated easy-to-use intuitive design, set target vacuum, vacuum decay limits and monitor in real time. Store and download evacuation data records. 
  • Facilitates process improvement and optimization. 
  • Lockable storage cabinets safely store components when not in use. Full line of accessories to meet your needs.
  • Mobile cart can be used in plant, at installation site and for service.
  • Durable construction will provide years of reliable service.

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