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ZeroMax Access Ports

ZeroMax™ Zero Leak Access Port System for Refrigerant Systems using Process Tubes


The NEW ZeroMax™ System eliminates the need for Process "Stub" Tubes or crimp type capping systems and their associated crimping & welding equipment. OEM's and Service Technicians now have an easy, repeatable system access for rework, service and end-of-life refrigerant recovery that doesn't leak. 

ZeroMax™ assures a hermetic, Zero-Leakage seal by incorporating FasTest's patent pending Access Port technology and Mazimizes Accessibility. 

  • Safer processing of flammable (A2 & A3) refrigerants
  • Cost reducing elimination of Process/Stub Tubes and the pinch & weld operation
  • Accessibility while providing a hermitic metal to metal seal 
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ZeroMax™ Brochure: Click Here

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