Refrigeration's Largest Access Port for Maximum Flow

Speed up the lengthy evacuation process of large chiller, industrial & commercial packaged refrigeration systems ---  45% or more reduction in evacuation times compared to commonly used Packed Angle and Ball Valves.

The degassing/dehydration evacuation process is a common bottleneck when manufacturing large refrigeration systems, often taking many hours to complete. The use of small, flow-restrictive packed angle and ball valves is a major contributing factor that slows production Takt time during leak test filling, evacuation, and refrigerant charging processes. 

In response, FasTest developed the PortMax Access Port system providing OEM manufacturers and their installation contractors with a high-flow, optimized system of matched components that significantly reduces overall processing time. The result is faster throughput, improved system dehydration and reduce total cost of processing. PortMax is fully compatible with traditional refrigerants as well as next-generation variants.

  • High flow - high conductance design

  • Hermetic seal

  • Compatible with current and Next-Gen refrigerants

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Industrial Refrigeration

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Manufacturing, Chemical, Petro Chemical, Power Plants.

Commercial Refrigeration

300x300 Commercial.png

Grocery/Super Markets, Strip Malls, Office Buildings, Ice Rinks, Hospitals, Schools.

Air & Water Cooled Chillers

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Chillers used in Air Conditioning and many Industrial/Laboratory applications.

Cold Chain

300x300 cold chain.png

Food Warehouses, Grocery Super Stores, Pharmaceutical Facilities.


300x300 VRV-VRF.png

Office & Apartment Buildings, Hotel, College Campus, Multi-Use Facilities. Rapidly evacuate extremely long tubing runs typical in these applications.

Air Handlers

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Industrial facilities, Warehouses, and Industrial Kitchens/Food Service Facilities.  

Reduce Evacuation Times by Over 45%

The NEW PortMax™ access port system is specifically designed to reduce processing time, in particular, evacuation time (degas/dehydrate) of large volume refrigerant systems currently processing through packed angle or ball valves.


Reduce Processing Time


Lower Emissions


Next-Gen Refrigerants


Faster Processing with Optimized PortMax™ Tools

Quick connect Processing Tools are easy to use, very durable and can work with reclaim systems.

  • Ball latching, high flow connectors.
  • Ergonomic ball & sleeve action.
  • Safety Latch system will not disconnect under pressure.
  • ½ NPT media port.

Leak/Proof Test


Quick Filling

Pressurize & empty system quickly through large ½" flow path.




Fast Evacuation

Unobstructed flow path yields maximum flow. 




Safe Charging

Charge Tool latch will not accidentally disconnect under pressure.


All-In-One Field Service Tool

Field Service Tool for Installation and Service Technicians

Gain access to the refrigerant system for servicing. Designed to provide installation & service technicians with a single tool that can be used to perform multiple tasks - refrigerant reclaim, leak test, evacuation, charge and replace a PortMax™ access port plug without losing refrigerant charge.



Want Even Faster Evacuation?

The Evacuation Cart is a turn-key, optimized solution with real-time tracking and data capabilities directly from FasTest.

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