Easy, Zero-Leak, Repeatable System Access for Refrigerant System Process Tubes

The new ZeroMax Access Port and Tooling system was designed to address the shortcomings of process stub tubes and service valves used by OEM manufacturers of PTAC, Commercial Refrigerators and Split AC & Heat Pump systems including:

  • Accessing a sealed process stub tube for rework or service, and
  • Connector blow-off when charging refrigerant through service valves

Processing PTAC/PTHP and Commercial Refrigerators using traditional process “stub” tubes is cumbersome, can release refrigerant to atmosphere, and requires time consuming manual “Pinch-N-Braze” sealing or expensive automatic ultrasonic welders to create a permanent seal upon processing completion. Moreover, gaining system access for rework or post-production service is a time consuming and often unreliable process that can result in leakage of refrigerant to the environment. 

With FasTest’s ZeroMax Access Port system, manufacturers can eliminate the process stub tube altogether while maintaining full flow for the fastest possible evacuation. In addition, should system access be required for rework, field service or end-of-life refrigerant recovery, the ZeroMax system provides easy access and a reliable hermetic seal, eliminating the need for leak-prone, expensive saddle valves. Also, as new, flammable, “A2L” refrigerants are introduced, processing “split” AC & Heat Pumps through “service salves” can result in a dangerous connector blow-off event and potential fire. Processing through the secure ZeroMax system eliminates the service valve and its associated risks.

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Zero Leakage, Maximum Accessibility

The NEW ZeroMax™ access port system is designed to eliminate the need for Process “Stub” Tubes or common crimp type capping systems, and their associated crimping & welding equipment. OEM’s and Technicians now have easy, repeatable system access for rework, service, and end-of-life refrigerant recovery - that doesn’t leak. 


Eliminate Need for Process Tubes


System Accessibility


Near Zero Emissions


PTAC/VTAC & Heat Pumps


Commercial Self-Contained Display Units


High-End Refrigerators


Split Systems


Hermetic Refrigeration Compressors


Anywhere a Process "Stub" Tube is Used


Faster Processing with Optimized ZeroMax™ Tools

Quick connect Processing Tools are easy to use, very durable and can work with reclaim systems.

  • Ball latching, high flow connectors.
  • Ergonomic ball & sleeve action.
  • Safety Latch system will not disconnect under pressure.

Leak/Proof Test


Quick Filling

Pressurize & empty system quickly through large flow path.

View Leak Test Tool



Fast Evacuation

Unobstructed flow path yields maximum flow.   

View Traveler Tool

View Evacuation Tool



Safe Charging

Charge Tool latch will not accidentally disconnect under pressure.

View Traveler Tool

View Charge Tool

All-In-One Field Service Tool

Field Service Tool for Installation and Service Technicians

Gain access to the refrigerant system for servicing. Designed to provide installation & service technicians with a single tool that can be used to perform multiple tasks - refrigerant reclaim, leak test, evacuation, charge and replace a ZeroMax™ Access Port Plug. 


Want Faster Evacuation?

The Evacuation Cart is a turn-key, optimized solution with real-time tracking and data capabilities directly from FasTest.

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