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Internal Seal Only Connections to Tubes, Bores and Threads (120 psi/8.3 bar)

  • Instant, leak free connections for vacuum and pressure testing, fluid filling or flushing applications.
  • Seal internally to a wide variety of smooth or threaded tubes.
  • Uniform sealing for a leak tight connection, even into threaded, rough and oily surfaces.
  • Ideal for automated processes and high volume production testing

ICON | Intelligent Connection Technology

ICON™ sealing connection tools generate data and provide LED feedback to improve sealing connection accuracy, maximize production efficiency, and optimize tool maintenance. Available for select models. Learn more.

Designed For: vacuum testing, pressure testing, fluid filling, flushing applications, and other related processes.

Connects To:
Holes/Bores | Straight Tube | Swaged Tube | Expanded Tube | Flared Tube | Beaded Tube | Barbed Tube | Formed Tube | NPT Internal | BSPT/BSPP (G) Internal | O-Ring Boss/Flare Ports | Metric Internal
Pressure Rating:
Vacuum to 120 psi (8.3 bar)
Actuation Method:
Pneumatic | Semi-Automated | Fully-Automated
Application Type:
Internal Hole / Tube / Threads

FI Datasheet: Click Here

FI Operating Instructions: Click Here

FI Main Seal Replacement: Click Here

FI Rebuild / Repair: Click Here

Product Video: Watch Here

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