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External Seal Only Connections to Medical / Life Science Devices (500 psi/34 bar)

  • Instant connections to luers, catheters, tubes, and other cylindrical components.
  • Designed for automated processes and high-volume production testing.
  • Cleaned and lubricated for oxygen safe environment with FDA approved seals.

ICON™ | Intelligent Connection Technology

ICON™ sealing connection tools generate data and provide LED feedback to improve sealing connection accuracy, maximize production efficiency, and optimize tool maintenance. Available for select models. Learn more.

Designed For: testing, filling or flushing air, gas, and liquid, and other related processes.

ME101 connectors are a modified ME Series quick connector with larger housing to increase seal movement. This movement maximizes seal compression and is ideal for leak or pressure testing a wider range of small or unusual shaped medical devices without the use or cost of a pilot booster.  Select 1/4NPT to use this option if your product is near the lower end of the sealing range, or if you have an unusual shaped part.

Connects To:
Medical Luers | Catheters | Straight Tube | Swaged Tube | Expanded Tube | Beaded Tube | Barbed Tube | Formed Tube
Pressure Rating:
Vacuum 10 mtorr (micron) to 750 psi (51.7 bar)
Actuation Method:
Pneumatic | Semi-Automated | Fully-Automated
Application Type:
Medical Devices | External Tube

ME Datasheet: Click Here

ME Operating Instructions: Click Here

ME001 Operating Instructions: Click Here

ME Main Seal Replacement: Click Here

ME Rebuild / Repair: Click Here

FE/ME ICON User Manual: Click Here

Product Video: Watch Here

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